Services Offered

Services at Glance

  • Consultancy Service: Advising clients on the most fitting solutions for their specific scenario.
  • Project Design and Implementation: Creating Innovative Solutions and Executing the Design.
  • Project Management Planning: Controlling and executing the work of clients to meet specific criteria.
  • Turnkey Solutions: Off the Shelf Solutions to satisfy clients with detailed requirements.
  • Maintenance Services: Providing clients with sustainable services to achieve a secured security system.

Products & Solutions offered

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

CCTV Camera technology on screen display
  • Pure IP/ Conventional / Hybrid types
  • All types of Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Servers
  • Centralized Control & Command Stations
  • Remote Monitoring, Intelligent Video Analytics

Perimeter & Building Intrusion Detection

perimeter intrusion
  • Wired and Wireless Alarms
  • Perimeter Intrusion Protection
  • Laser Scan Detection
  • Integration with Central Control Stations

Entry Automation Solutions

entry automated solution
  • Automatic Gates, Barriers, Bollards
  • Crash rated, Retractable Flap Barriers
  • Turnstiles, Tri pods, Tyre Killers
  • Parking Management Solutions

Fire & Public Addressing Solutions

fire safety
  • Conventional / Addressable Fire Detection
  • Advance Public Address Solutions
  • Fire Fighting Solutions

Metal Detectors & Guard Monitoring

metal detectors
  • Hand Held & Door Frame Detectors
  • Deep Search/ Mine Detectors
  • Search Lights, Guard Patrolling Solutions

Access Control Solutions

access control
  • IP / Non-IP Solutions
  • Access, Attendance, Visitor Management
  • Proximity / Bio Metric / RFID / Smart Cards
  • Centralized Control & Command Stations

Scanners / Explosive Detection

  • Baggage Scanners, Explosive Detectors
  • Under Vehicle Scanners with ANPR
  • Integration with Central Control Station

Other Security Solutions

  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet
  • Networking Solutions
  • GPS Devices